Soleil Moon Frye Hears From Her Late Father and Gets an Important Message About Her Mother's Health on Hollywood Medium

Tyler Henry also reads actor Robert Buckley and shares an emotional message with TV host Brooke Burke

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Tyler Henry's readings always seem to come when they're needed most!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch actress Soleil Moon Frye got an important message about her late father Virgil and his support of her mother since his passing on this week's episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

"So, it's interesting in the way this comes across because he comes through and he acknowledges a reference of having to kind of take on...'Taking care of mom, taking care of mom, taking care of mom, taking care of mom.' It just keeps coming through over and over again," Tyler revealed.

Soleil's father was insistent on taking care of his ex-wife in life and in death.

"I feel like mom has to get closer. That's coming through over and over again. And again, it's coming through from dad of a feeling of like, 'Get her closer. Bring her closer,'" Tyler said.

"My mother's living situation right now is very tough and there's been a lot of questions about us wanting her to be closer, certainly," Soleil confirmed.

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The actress' father not only wants his ex-wife to move closer to their daughter, Virgil's been keeping an eye on his ex's health as well.

"And then he's actually watching over your mother's health. This is interesting because he's having me talk about her health and he's having me bring up the past four months," Tyler added.

As it turns out, Soleil's mother recently discovered that she has breast cancer and had been battling the disease the last four months.

"Please know I think that she's gonna be OK," Tyler assured. "He's been with her every single day."

"My dad?" Soleil asked with tears in her eyes. "Yeah. For like four months randomly. I know it's kind of strange. And he never let go of her. He never, ever let go," Tyler confirmed.

"To hear that my dad's been with her throughout this medical process was incredibly emotional. To know that there's that protection, that love, is wonderful," a relieved Soleil said.

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Robert Buckley also got a special message from his father's side of the family.

"They're showing me my symbol for father, but they're having me talk about wanting things to be resolved in a closure sense," Tyler said.

And that closure appeared to be coming from someone who has been very protective over Robert's father.

"They're having me really acknowledge this, 'Contemporary, contemporary' around dad strongly. The feeling is like, the person who passes too soon before their time, they're watching over dad like a hawk," the medium explained. 

Robert had an idea of who Tyler was referring to, but he was almost surprised that particular energy came through. "I was curious actually if we would connect with that particular family member because I never got the chance to meet him," Robert admitted.

Tyler was able to confirm that this energy was responsible in some way for his own passing and Robert was able to validate that.

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"My uncle Jerry, my dad was very close to. And really looked up to him. But yeah, he ended up taking his life I think when he was in his mid to late 20s. He passed in Texas and my dad had to travel to Texas to identify the body and take care of all that," Robert revealed.

"That makes sense. And I think in the way that that came through is just his way of acknowledging that he was aware of what your dad did, appreciative of that, 'cause that's one of the hardest things that a person would have to do," Tyler assured.

TV host and personality Brooke Burke's message wasn't from family, but it came from someone she considered just as close. Tyler channeled a woman close to the family who suffered a sudden heart attack.

"One of the kids would have a connection to this woman. And the feeling is like, 'I'm connected to this one even from the other side. I've tried to give little signs that I'm around.' But it's like an insistent thing of one even though there's an acknowledgement of four. Does that make sense?" Tyler asked.

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"Totally. That was my son. So she was a caregiver, Rosie. She was amazing," Brooke revealed. "She had a really special connection with my son. He was the baby at the time. So he was five when she passed in front of him."

Rosie's passing left a void in the family's life, particularly for Brooke's son.

"That separation was really painful for them and the understanding in a child's mind and how and why and having to see that for anyone, let alone a child is very traumatic and a tremendous loss for everyone, but particularly her family and my son," the TV host explained.

Despite the traumatic loss, Tyler was able to confirm that the connection between Brooke's son and Rosie will exist forever and hoped the reading would give her son a sense of comfort.

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