Hayley Orrantia Tears Up After Getting a Heartfelt Message From Her Nana on Hollywood Medium: ''I'm Always Gonna Be With You''

The Goldbergs star is comforted after hearing that her grandmother will always be by her side

By Mona Khalifeh Apr 23, 2018 5:45 PMTags
Watch: Tyler Henry's Reading Brings Hayley Orrantia to Tears

Hayley Orrantia is receiving some much-needed validation from the other side.

Hayley breaks down after getting a heartfelt message from her grandma in this clip from Wednesday's Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

"It looks like this person took the steps to try to kind of repress the fact that they were slipping mentally and that comes in. Do you know who that is?" Tyler Henry asks.

"My nana had Alzheimer's and that was her ring that you were holding," Hayley confirms.

Tyler goes on to give The Goldbergs actress a message about her nana's last moments.

"She suddenly had a couple moments of being completely there and then it slipped, but there's this feeling of wanting it to be known that that was this person's last way of trying to just say, 'I'm here and I'm always gonna be with you,'" Tyler reveals.

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Hayley expands on those last moments, which include a baby book filled out by grandmother before she passed.

"It was like the week before she passed and I guess my mom had bought a baby book or something for her to fill out. She never did until literally right before she passed. And that was my gift for Christmas from her after she even passed. It was completely filled with her handwriting and just to like let us know, 'Hey, I'm going,'" Hayley says with tears in her eyes.

Tyler comforts the actress by letting her know that her nana validates these moments.

"Well I just want you to know that that's validation of that, that she's aware of that," the medium assures.

See the emotional moment in the clip above.