Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Off an Epic Revenge Prank on Scandal's Josh Malina

It was time for the cast's "bad brother" to get a dose of his own medicine

By Samantha Schnurr Apr 20, 2018 1:11 PMTags
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It was time for Scandal's "bad brother" to get a dose of his own medicine. 

While the hit ABC series may be freshly over, the wounds of Josh Malina's pranks may take years to heal. Not to fret—Jimmy Kimmel figured out a way to get a bit even. 

As revealed in Thursday night's interview with the entire cast, Malina is known for his tricky antics on set and pretty much everyone has fallen victim to them. Well, with the help of fellow prankster Kimmel, Malina's co-stars were able to get a taste of sweet revenge when the late-night host concocted a plan to make the actor think he killed a woman. 

The setup was simple—after Tony Goldwyn and Joe Morton surprised a family watching the show for a segment on Good Morning America, Kimmel enlisted the help of Katie Lowes as his accomplice to do another segment for the morning show with Malina...except for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"It is not for Good Morning America. It's for Good Night America," Kimmel quipped behind the scenes. With Kimmel, Guillermo and Cousin Sal watching on monitors in a nearby garage, Lowes and Malina arrived to a house at night, where a fake GMA producer met them with instructions. With Lowes playing along, Malina was instructed to shoot off a confetti gun when he walked inside. 

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Unbeknownst to the star, the "family" was really a group of actors prepared to pull off the stunt. The cast consisted of a couple and an older woman named "Mama." When Malina set off the confetti, it sent Mama into a bit of shock. 

It wasn't long before Malina noticed and asked if Mama was ok, prompting everyone to get concerned. While someone "called the police," Lowes and Malina learned Mama has a "heart condition" and they tried comforting her by the couch while they profusely apologized. 

Soon, Kimmel and Guillermo were on the way dressed as paramedics. They even hired an ambulance to pull up outside However, it wasn't long before Malina realized what was going on. 

"Oh my God! I can't believe you did that," he said shocked. "That was the worst thing that anyone's ever done to me."

Still, there was room for one last prank. After wheeling Malina out on a gurney, a firefighter drenched him with water from a hose. 

"I can't say I didn't have it coming," Malina added. "But, wow, I thought I killed a woman."