Which Riverdale Star Has the Funniest, Most Epic Social Media Posts? Vote for Your Favorite Now!

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If you love the cast of Riverdale and their twisted, dark and complicated characters on the show, then you're going to love the actors who play them in real life.

Whether you're a fan of Bughead or not-so-secretly want to be BFFs with Betty and Veronica, you're sure to be even more obsessed with the cast after chekcing out their epic social media accounts.

Lili Reinhardt, AKA Betty Cooper, for example loves to tweet about food and therefore we want to be her best friend ASAP. KJ Apa, AKA Archie Andrews, on the other hand is all about funny faces and random thoughts on social media, which is somehow even more attractive than when Archie tries to stand up for his girl or blindly follows Jughead into a dark scenario.

As for the other stars of Riverdale, they are all equally as witty on social media and if we're being honest we'd take a Twitter tutorial from all of them in an instant. To see which of the co-stars has the funniest tweets and Instagram posts, check out just a few examples of things that've they've previously posted before below. After scrolling through the LOL-worthy posts, vote for your favorite Riverdale social media star in our poll below!

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Lili Reinhardt:

If tweets about food—mainly ice cream—are your jam, then Reinhardt is the Riverdale vixen you should be following. She loves food, seriously loves it, and it's all too relatable. Plus, her funny content stretches to hilarious commentary on the show and what she sees out and about.

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Cole Sprouse:

The former Disney Channel star is probably one of the funniest guys on Twitter...period. He isn't afraid to tell it like it is while posing great questions about popular topics that you will be laughing at for a long time. Oh, and when he's not chatting about current events, he's trolling his twin brother Dylan Sprouse and their twin tweets are too much.

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KJ Apa:

Apa, who plays everyone's favorite redhead in Riverdale, loves to make silly faces on both his social media accounts and his friends' pages and they are priceless. Plus, he pretty much tweets whatever random thing comes into his head, which is just like us.

Madelaine Petsch:

Just like her character Cheryl, Petsch is complicated and diverse in what she tweets, but there is one thing we can't get enough of: her Riverdale commentary GIFs and captions. She says what we were thinking and yet makes it way funnier.

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Casey Cott:

Cott is still getting used to fame and he uses Twitter to talk about it. And yes, fans can be wild and have great encounters that we luckily get to learn about from this star. He also retweets awesome quotes from his cast mates and shares food thoughts and he just gets us.

Camila Mendes:

B and V might be BFFs on screen, but Mendes' social media account is very different than Reinhardt's accounts. Mendes, who plays Veronica Lodge, loves to mix her own thoughts about what could be happening on the show with throwback thoughts on life moments and they are worth scrolling through.

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Charles Melton:

Melton, who plays Reggie Mantle, is more of an Instagram guy. He frequently posts funny photos of himself and his friends, all of which lead us to ask, "What on earth is happening here?" Plus, he has no shame when it comes to being a goofball on set or in real life.

Vanessa Morgan:

As a Southside Serpent, you'd think Morgan, who plays Toni Topaz, would have a tough Twitter account, but you'd be wrong. Instead it's full of dog pictures and funny captions about her dog and we can't get enough.

So which Riverdale star has the most epic social media postings? Vote for your favorite in the poll below!

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Riverdale's Social Media Stars

Which cast member has the funniest, most epic Twitter and Instagram posts?
Lili Reinhart
Cole Sprouse
KJ Apa
Madelaine Petsch
Casey Cott
Camila Mendes
Charles Melton
Vanessa Morgan