Robert Buckley's Father Gets a Message of Appreciation From His Late Brother on Hollywood Medium

The medium helps the iZombie actor find closure after his uncle's tragic passing

By Mona Khalifeh Apr 24, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Tyler Henry Gives Robert Buckley's Father a Message

There's nothing like closure.

Tyler Henry helps give that to iZombie actor Robert Buckley to take home to his family in this clip from Wednesday's all-new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

"They're showing me my symbol for father, but they're having me talk about wanting things to be resolved in a closure sense," Tyler says. 

The energy Tyler channels seems to be from a very protective contemporary of Robert's father.

"The feeling is like, the person who passes too soon before their time, they're watching over dad like a hawk," the medium explains. 

Robert knows exactly who Tyler is talking about.

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"My uncle Jerry, my dad was very close to. And really looked up to him. But yeah, he ended up taking his life I think when he was in his mid to late 20s. He passed in Texas and my dad had to travel to Texas to identify the body and take care of all that," Robert reveals.

"That makes sense. And I think in the way that that came through is just his way of acknowledging that he was aware of what your dad did, appreciative of that, 'cause that's one of the hardest things that a person would have to do," Tyler assures.

"I think my dad will feel good to know about his brother Jerry," a grateful Robert adds.

See the touching moment in the clip above.