Brooke Burke's Late "Work Husband" Comes Through in Emotional Reading With Tyler Henry on Hollywood Medium

She's reconnected with her hairstylist of over a decade and they share a sweet bond

By Vannessa Jackson Apr 20, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Brooke Burke Charvet Connects to Late Friend

Brooke Burke gets a visit from an old friend! 

The actress sat down with Tyler Henry on this week's episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry and he gave her a sweet message from her late friend and former hairstylist Steven Lake

"I have this man coming in who passed under weird circumstances. I feel this man passed away way before the time that they should have," Tyler told her.

"This to me kind of indicated more on a situation of like, 'Something happened to me. An event happened to me and then there is a period of time until I'm discovered.' People wonder in that time frame, could I have pulled through? What was happening? Or was this person already deceased. It's just a question mark."

While Tyler may not have had all the answers, he did have a sweet message from her friend to pass along. "There is also a joke about work husband," Tyler told her. "There is a reference of seeing hummingbirds. I'm seeing flapping hummingbirds." 

Brooke was absolutely stunned by this news. Her husband David Charvet was just as surprised about the revelation. "He always said to her, 'Whenever you see a hummingbird it's me,'" David shares. 

Brooke also gave Tyler a heart shaped object to hold that had a special significance for her. "This heart actually has the ashes of Steven Lake," she reveals. "Steven was my hairdresser and right hand for over a decade. In addition to that, at work he was also my best friend."  

See the shocking moment in the clip above!