Claire Danes Shares "Embarrassing" Story About Filming Homeland While Pregnant

During her guest appearance on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actress told a story about shooting during her first trimester

By Elyse Dupre Apr 19, 2018 2:48 PMTags

Claire Danes stopped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday and told an "embarrassing" story about filming Homeland during her first trimester.

Danes, who is now in her second trimester, said the first trimester was her "least favorite phase" because she felt "horrible."

"You just feel just rotten and you're not allowed to say why," she told host Jimmy Fallon. "I was filming quite a lot but just inadvertently, like, falling asleep all the time. And it was embarrassing." 

One day on set, Danes fell asleep with her face up against a crocheted bag her colleague made for her. When her team woke her up to film a close-up, she had a "crocheted indentation" across her face. 

"It looked like I had third-degree burns. It was intense," she recalled. "They were like massaging my face. They had to get out the blow dryer. I halted production for like half an hour. I just felt like an idiot."

Thankfully, the star is now "feeling good." In fact, she said the little one is moving and kicking in her tummy and even "gets a little excited" when she eats a bar of chocolate.

"I love that part," Danes said in regards to the baby's movement. "It's like a firework show every so often. It's pretty cool and a little creepy. It is. It's like an alien being in there. I'm cohabiting. It's like Airbnb."

Danes revealed she's pregnant with her second child on the Howard Stern Show on Wednesday. However, she did not reveal the sex of the child.

Danes and her husband Hugh Dancy are already the proud parents to their 5-year-old son Cyrus.

Watch the video to hear Danes share her "embarrassing" story.