Letitia Wright Crushes Her Freestyle Raps on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon can't keep up with the breakout star of Marvel's Black Panther

By Zach Johnson Apr 19, 2018 12:20 PMTags

Cardi B has some competition!

While promoting Black Panther in February, Letitia Wright revealed the fun way she and her co-stars would spend their downtime on set. "What we did a lot was have rap battles," the 24-year-old actor revealed to E! News. "I would always win, so those were pretty funny moments!"

So, when Wright stopped by The Tonight Show Wednesday to promote Avengers: Infinity War, Jimmy Fallon put her skills to the test. Using a random word generator, The Roots' Black Thought and Wright took turns freestyling, since Fallon said he is "not known" for his rapping.

A casual viewer might imagine it would be hard to incorporate the words "disco," "Red Lobster" and "vibranium" into the same freestyle rap—but Wright was ready for the challenge. "Check it / Me and Black Thought / Spin your head like a disco ball / Yo, natural disaster / Call your pastor, let him pray for you, yo / Yo, let's go grab some food at Red Lobster / Roots, tell me how I can win an Oscar / I said Red Lobster / Better tick it off / Ay, yo, yo," the actress rapped. "And I spit this flow / So free off the dong vibranium got me feelin' oh so cold / Uh, with this flow/ Ay!"

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Afterward, Black Thought was told to use the words "yodel," "toothbrush" and "Snuffleupagus." Before he began, his competitor offered her sympathies, telling him, "It's such a mean game!" Once Black Thought finished, she told Fallon, "Call my car! I'm going home! That was so good!"

But Fallon wasn't going to send his guest home without doing at least one more freestyle rap. Watch the video to see how Wright related "hammer," "burrito" and "Benedict Cumberbatch."

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