Kyle Changes the Marriage Contract for Megan as Filming Wraps for Technicolor Highway on The Arrangement

After the contract causes Megan to lose out on a big movie role, Kyle changes the marriage contract for his soon-to-be wife

By Mona Khalifeh Apr 23, 2018 2:00 AMTags

Technicolor Highway is moving on without Xavier Hughes (Ruffin Prentiss) and Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) is moving on to another project.

But it's not long before Megan's dreams of landing Agent Jane are quickly derailed by that pesky contract she signed. And that's not the only thing that gets derailed on this week's The Arrangement.

Despite running into her former agent Leslie (Autumn Reeser) in the lobby of her audition, Megan's read went off without a hitch.

"Tell me what you think of the script," the casting directing prompted Megan.

"Well, it's a great read. Jane is a badass and she's funny, which I love. I just, I think there might be some moments missing," Megan confessed.

The casting director was impressed with her honesty, but she wasn't feeling Megan's affiliation to the Institute for the Higher Mind.


"I would love to get my hands on your instrument, but what I wouldn't love, what I'd hate to be honest, is a bunch of Institute of the Higher Mind bull s--t on my set," she warned.

"I keep my business with IHM completely separate from my work, completely," Megan promised.

Just before jetting out of town to film the last scenes of Technicolor Highway, Megan gets a call from Creative Partners, but it's not good news. She didn't land Agent Jane and something tells us her IHM affiliation had something to do with it.

That suspicion was confirmed when Leslie showed up in the rainy woods and dropped a bomb on her former client.

"Delia Clarke wanted you. You were her first choice. Creative Partners pulled you out," Leslie told Megan. "That's ridiculous," a baffled Megan retorted. "That's the truth Megan. You got screwed by your own people," Leslie insisted.

What it all boiled down to was the non-compete clause in Megan's marriage contract.

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"It's called a non-compete clause. The moment Kyle (Josh Henderson) attached himself to a spy franchise at a rival studio, as per the terms of your contract, you were done with Agent Jane," Leslie explained.

Megan wasn't totally sold, so she went right to the source and confronted Kyle himself. That's when things got rocky.

"Now that you mention it, I remember that clause being in the contract, but I had no idea you got the offer on Agent Jane, I swear," Kyle confessed.

Though it would only take a simple amendment to remove the clause, Kyle seemed unwilling to change the contract.

"I got that part, Kyle. I earned it. And now you're taking it away form me. Not Terence (Michael Vartan), not Karen, you," Megan yelled. 

"Maybe you didn't get that part. You're going off of Leslie's word here, but she obviously has her own agenda," Kyle pushed back. "You know what, I trust her more than you right now," Megan said before storming off.


It looks like Technicolor Highway wasn't the only thing that changed direction. The news had Megan questioning the direction of her relationship with Kyle.

"I am supposed to marry you in a month and if you want to bump me off of this movie and fall back on the contract as an excuse, then I damn well deserve to know the truth about it," Megan demanded.

"It's you. The reason for the contract is you," Kyle admitted. "There's a risk metric, a tool Terence created to assess people for the Institute. The three imperatives, personal interaction, past history. With you, there were a number of identifiers."

That only made things worse. Though the issue wasn't cleared up, the weather had and that meant shooting for Technicolor Highway was a go.

Despite Megan's reservations, she knew she had a job to do, but she couldn't hide her feelings towards Kyle as they filmed the movie's last and most emotional scene. Luckily Leslie was able to save the day with five wise words, "Be brave. Don't give up."

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With the scene locked in, Leslie and DeAnn (Lexa Doig) were able to set their differences aside and bond over a campfire and some beers. And it looks like Megan and Kyle moved on too.

"I want to change," Kyle confessed. "You should do your movie. You earned that part."

"What about the non-compete?" Megan asked.

"I'm not worried about it, you know why?" Kyle asked. "Why?" Megan responded. "'Cause there ain't no 'I' in Kygan," Kyle joked.

Whew! It looks like our favorite Hollywood power couple is safe after all...for now anyway.

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