Prince Liam Learns the Hard Way That No One Can Be Trusted on The Royals

True colors are being revealed and not everyone is who they seems

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Things are getting a little less common around the palace! 

On this week's episode of The Royals, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) and Jasper (Tom Austen) are finally becoming a normal couple. Well, as normal as it gets for them. The pair will definitely have reason to celebrate after tonight's royal event! 

Jasper is getting knighted at the legacy gala to honor King Simon (Vincent Regan). But before the festivities can begin, there are a few orders of business to get out of the way. Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) is busy training the future queen about her responsibilities. 

Unfortunately, Willow (Genevieve Gaunt) thinks she knows best and lands herself in some hot water before the gala. "I knew there would be trolls, but it's different when they're attacking you," she tells the queen after being harassed by Internet trolls. "Your first public event as a couple begins soon. That should be interesting," the queen teases her. Looks like she's on her own tonight! 


Queen Helena has more pressing matters to attend to. She needs to find a special pen she was planning to donate to the exhibit. A pen which it turns out Princess Eleanor has stolen for her secret missions and needs Jasper's help to get back. Although Jasper has been less than thrilled with her missions, he agrees to help her with this one. Which means a little breaking and entering. 

The pair end up at the house Eleanor gave the pen away to and after some rummaging they locate the pen in the freezer of all places! Just when they think they're home free, their mission is interrupted when the family whose home they broke into returns. Naturally, they decide their best plan of action is to hide in the closet. 

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Meanwhile, at the palace, the event is off to an awkward start. Even though the queen forbade Prince Liam (William Moseley) from bringing Kathryn (Christina Wolfe) as his date, he sees Willow struggling to maintain her composure in the face of the press and decides to distract them by revealing Kathryn as his girlfriend.

"How would you all like to meet my date for tonight? Who also happens to be my new girlfriend," he shares while trying to divert their attention. "First, lets remember what this night is about. It's about my father's legacy and it's about the valiant service of Jasper Frost." Luckily it worked!

However, Jasper and Eleanor are still M.I.A. and trapped inside of a stranger's closet. Which is just enough time for Jasper to tell her how he's really feeling about being honored. "The truth is I'm not a hero. I didn't take a bullet for anyone. My father shot me. The whole thing just feels like another con," he revealed to Eleanor. 

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Being the supportive girlfriend that she is, Eleanor decides that they can't miss the event and busts out of the closet. The houseowners were definitely not mad at having royalty in the house, so Eleanor and Jasper were free to go. 

They made it in the nick of time and Eleanor was able to present the special pen on her mom's behalf. "My father used to say that it was the most important pen in the world. Because he and my mother used it to sign their marriage certificate and to sign the birth certificate of their children. My father used this to sign every major and important initiative during his reign," she shared about the significance of the pen.

"My mother is too humble to tell you this, but she also has used this pen to put a lifetime of good into the world," she revealed. While that situation ended well, another one was still brewing. As it turns out, Willow was less than thrilled to have Kathryn join the event for the evening. 


"I don't want your spotlight, Willow," Kathryn assured the future queen. But Willow isn't too certain about that. "No. You just wanted my fiancé," Willow remarked. While Kathryn is momentarily stunned, she has some news for Willow. "You know, desire is a two way street," Kathryn shared. 

Unfortunately for Willow, her new fiancé was more excited than he should be to see Kathryn. "Kate, I can't get you out of my mind. I'll be alone tonight, come and see me. I miss you in so many ways," King Robert (Max Brown) whispered to her. While she initially resisted his request, it turned out she had been missing him too.

"I hate the things you said to me when we were together. I hate that you propositioned me tonight, on the night you announced your engagement. I hate that smug look on your face," she told him. "What I hate most is that at 9:30 I'm going to be standing at your door." Um, what?!

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If you're feeling sorry for Willow and Liam, it turns out it's just Liam being made the fool. "I can't help that every time I see you I remember the feelings I had for you when we were together," King Robert tells Kathryn. "I want to see you again, Kate. I want you and I miss you."

Her response? "I want you too," Kathryn answered. Just when you think they're about to make this twisted love triangle even more twisted, Robert turns the tables.

"I'm sorry you had to hear that, brother," he says to a teary eyed Liam who was listening at the door. An ashamed Katherine exits the palace alone. Looks like their love story may be over, but Robert finally has Liam right where he wants him. 

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