Look Back at All the Times Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev Were BFF Goals

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Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough are the epitome of friendship goals, and it's not just because every time you see them together they're smiling and having a blast. They are genuinely each other's biggest fans and they are so great together.

As a part of People's "Beauty Issue 2018," Dobrev and Hough teamed up once again for a fierce photo shoot and they couldn't help but gush over their love for one another. "We are goofy, we like to laugh, we like to play with our dogs and hang out and watch movies and get ready together and go places together. We just like to be around each other," Dobrev told People about her BFF.

The Dancing With the Stars judge returned the favor, revealing that the two are like ying and yang. "You're always the person that's inclusive of everybody and always making sure everybody is having fun, and we're like a spontaneous combustion of energy when we're together, at least we think so," Hough added.

Together these two could rule the world, and let's be honest, they'd have a ton of fun doing so. Their friendship is one in a million and we love seeing them together through all of life's big moments and the little ones.

Check out their sweetest BFF moments below then vote in our poll to tell us which part of Hough and Dobrev's friendship makes them ultimate BFF goals!

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They Aren't Afraid to Be Goofy Together

If there is one thing that this duo has in common it's their goofy personalities. Whether it is wearing silly costumes together or playing games for a girls' night in, laughter is always on the agenda.

Vacation Buddies

If you can't travel with your BFF then you're doing it wrong! Take it from Dobrev and Hough who are frequently seen on vacation together, including the time they went to the Caribbean for Hough's bachelorette bash.

Willingness to Be Each Other’s Dance Partner

Hough isn't the only dancer in this friendship, the two ladies love to get their groove on together no matter where they are. For example: they take fun dance classes together and break into dance while wearing bikinis on the regular.

They’re Ready to Be Each Other’s Babysitter

After marrying Brooks Laich in 2017, Hough is on track to having little ones running around at some point and Dobrev is totally ready for it. In fact, she's ready to switch out her title of BFF when her best friend becomes a mom. "I'll just go from best friend to babysitter," Dobrev told People during her recent "Beauty Issue" interview.

Bridesmaid or Bust

When Hough tied the knot in 2017 to NHL hockey player Laich, Dobrev was one of her bridesmaids and she loved every minute of it. "I was at all of her fittings at Marchesa and saw her every step of the way when they were designing it," Dobrev told People about her first time as a bridesmaid. "I got to be a big part of that as a spectator."

They Share Bikinis & Braid Each Other’s Hair

Friends have to share clothes, it's basically like the rules of feminism and that's exactly what these two do, especially while on vacation. Plus, they braid each other's hair, which is a great skill to have in your friendship arsenal.

They Understand the Key to a Good Friendship

When these BFFs aren't sharing clothes, they are wearing matching bathing suits or rocking best friend necklaces. In fact, in 2016 the duo teamed up as a part of The Giving Keys' best friend keys collection and did the campaign together.

Their Friendship Is Real

In her 2013 cover girl interview for Cosmopolitan, Dobrev opened up about her relationship with Hough describing their similar personalities as "active buddy." Instead of talking about makeup she said they "talk about life.

These Two Know Their Way Around a Photobooth

No matter what the event or what award show they attend together, these ladies hit the photobooth and they rock it.

They Have Each Other’s Back

The thing we love most about these two is that they are always there to support one another both personally and professionally. They are always there to cheer the other one on.


Julianne Hough & Nina Dobrev: BFF Goals

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