Pink and Her Kids Cover People's "Beautiful" Issue 2018

Other famous ladies honored include Kelly Clarkson, Julia Roberts, Serena Williams and more

By McKenna Aiello Apr 18, 2018 11:15 AMTags
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It's time to meet People's "Most Beautiful Woman in the World" of 2018. 

Drumroll,'s Pink! The singer, 38, shares the cover with her son, Jameson Moon Hart, 15 months, and daughter, Willow Sage Hart, 6. The magazine announced this year's honoree Wednesday, and to celebrate, the "Beautiful Trauma" singer also stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Pink told DeGeneres she "laughed out loud" when she learned about the honor. "I immediately turned to whoever was in the room, and said, 'Did you ever think this was as good as it gets?'" Joking about her new status, she added, "I feel more beautiful [now]—and I have decided that for the whole week that the magazine is out, no one is allowed to look me directly in the eyes."

Inside the magazine, on newsstands Friday, Pink also opens up about motherhood.

"The thing about parenting is you never know if anything you're doing is working. That's been the most humbling thing for me. In my head, I sound amazing and then I turn around and her eyes are completely glazed over. I have no idea. We'll see," Pink, who believes in showing her kids "affection" on a regular basis, tells People. "I believe in needs being met and faith being implemented, and I believe in letting your kids know they can count on you, and that you'll be there," she adds. "My parents obviously did not believe in that and I worked out OK. I always tell Willow, 'I'm going to teach you the rules so that you'll know how and when to break them.'"

Pink says she strives to create a gender-neutral environment for her two children. "Absolutely. [But] I feel like gender-neutral is in itself a label and I'm label-less. I don't like labels at all so I believe that a woman and a girl can do anything,'" the pop star says, adding, "And I believe that a boy can do anything. So I have boys that flip dirt bags and I have boy friends that wear dresses. It's all OK to me. It's whatever floats your boat. So that's the kind of house that we live in."

Other famous females honored include celebrity moms Kelly ClarksonCourteney Cox and Olivia Wilde, as well as Amy SchumerJulia RobertsSerena WilliamsPriyanka ChopraMindy KalingMeghan MarkleJennifer Lopez and more. 

A special section dedicated to "Stars Without Makeup" recognized Emmy RossumIssa RaeAlison Brie, the ladies of the Real Housewives franchise and other A-listers. 

Previous cover girls include Michelle Pfeiffer (1990, 1999), Jodie Foster (1992), Cindy Crawford (1993), Meg Ryan (1994), Courteney Cox (1995), Catherine Zeta-Jones (2001), Nicole Kidman (2002), Halle Berry (2003), Jennifer Aniston (2004, 2016), Angelina Jolie(2006), Drew Barrymore (2007), Kate Hudson (2008), Christina Applegate (2009), Jennifer Lopez (2011), Beyoncé (2012), Gwyneth Paltrow (2013), Lupita Nyong'o (2014), Sandra Bullock (2015) and Julia Roberts (1991, 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2017). 

Congratulations to all the lovely ladies honored by People