Johnny Galecki Returns to Roseanne to Break Some Hearts

Darlene and David reunited on the Tuesday, April 17 episode of ABC's Roseanne revival

By Lauren Piester Apr 18, 2018 12:30 AMTags

Welcome back to Lanford, David. 

After so many years of getting used to The Big Bang Theory's Leonard Hofstadter and Leslie Winkle, it sure did feel a bit weird to return to the origins of Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert's onscreen relationship on Roseanne

David first announced his return to his daughter, Harris, who smashed a bunch of cakes in the grocery store after getting his text. She didn't believe him, but he wasn't lying. He later crawled through Darlene's window just like old times, though he had apparently lost his upper arm strength due to veganism. 

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While at first he announced that he was back and signing a lease in town because of his new and very spiritual girlfriend, Blue, it wasn't long before he and Darlene were kissing, and then having sex, and then saying screw Blue, David and Darlene are back on. 

And they probably would have been if it weren't for Darlene's entire family, who told her they thought it was a dumb idea and it was never going to work, just like it never worked in the first place. And so Darlene rejected David, and he went back to his original plan. He'll move to Lanford in two weeks, which is exactly when he'll be allowed to see his children if Dan has anything to say about it. 

While David was funny as we all know Johnny Galecki to be, Darlene got the line of the night in response to hearing about what David has been up to. 

"So let me get this straight. While I have been picking up kids' clothes, dealing with meltdowns, cleaning up're dating a crayon?!" 

While we're hoping David returns someday just for more insults, we're also here for that acting. The scenes between Galecki and Gilbert were the best of this revival so far, and Sara Gilbert continues to be this show's shining star. 

Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.