Ariana Grande Resurfaces on Twitter to Tease New Music

Musician tweets for first time in nearly five months to hint at an album release

By Cydney Contreras Apr 18, 2018 12:02 AMTags
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Ariana Grande is making her return to social media in a big way.

After a nearly five-month long absence from Twitter, the musician returned to tweet a single teardrop emoji, causing patient fans to speculate that new music might be dropped in the coming days.

The "Dangerous Woman" singer was not alone in sharing cryptic messages with the world. Her mom Joan Grande, brother Frankie Grande and manager Scooter Braun also tweeted the same emoji.

She later tweeted the phrase, "No tears left to cry," which watchful fans also spotted Grande wearing on a sweater. This could be the name of her new album, seeing as the artist has used this same method to hint at the name for her previous album, Dangerous Woman. Not to mention that her brother and mom were sporting the same sweaters in their posts. 

Ariana Grande's Best Looks

And perhaps the most compelling piece of evidence is the static screen that appears on the pop star's website.

Rumors of a new album first started to circulate after Grande seemingly confirmed on Instagram that a new album would be released in 2018. She shared a video of herself singing, with the caption, "See you in the new year."

Those rumors gained traction after the "Side to Side" singer made her first public appearance in six months at an Oscar's after-party in March, following reports that she held a listening party earlier in the year.

Her uncharacteristic silence on social media and in the public following her Dangerous Woman tour was no surprise to the people around her considering the trauma she suffered during the Manchester Arena explosion, which left 22 dead. "When she found out fans of hers had died, she was so sad, I mean, she cried for days," Braun revealed.

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