Trouble in Paradise? Jasper Is Not Happy With Eleanor's Secret "Missions" on The Royals

He may have been her bodyguard but he's definitely not her boss

By Vannessa Jackson Apr 19, 2018 12:00 PMTags
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He's not the boss of her! 

There is only one thing that upsets Jasper (Tom Austen) and that is anyone trying to hurt Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park), even if it's Eleanor herself. 

"So are you going to tell me what happened to your arm?" Jasper asks after bandaging Eleanor's arm. "It's just a little cut I got from one of my missions," she says casually. But for Jasper, there is nothing casual about the danger she's putting herself in. 

"You think you're helping people but you're not," he warns her. "Most of the people are probably just scamming you." Although his heart is in a good place, Eleanor refuses to believe she's in any sort of danger. 

"They're good people. They just need a little bit of help," she tells him. "Okay. Well I think that's a little naive," he counters. Definitely not a great thing to call the love of your life, Jasper! 

"Well maybe it's just not cynical. This is the first time in my life I feel like I'm actually making a difference," Eleanor explains. "Don't s--t on it and call me naive." Jasper tries to take a kinder approach to the situation. 

"I have done everything you and your family have asked of me. All of it," he shares. "I'm asking you to do one thing for me. This needs to stop." Eleanor doesn't take too kindly to being told what she can and can't do. 

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"With all due respect, Jasper, you may have been my bodyguard and you may currently be my boyfriend but you're not my boss. So I won't stop and don't tell me what to do," she cautions him. Yikes! 

Don't worry, Jaspenor isn't in trouble. In fact, Eleanor kind of likes Jasper a little heated. "You're so sexy when you're angry," she says before the two start a steamy make out sesh! 

See their tense argument in the clip above!