Jax Taylor Breaks Up With Brittany Cartwright on Vanderpump Rules—But What's Their Status Now?

Jax Taylor dumped a "pissed off" Brittany Cartwright in Vanderpump Rules"s April 16 episode...but is the couple back together now?

By Tierney Bricker Apr 17, 2018 2:00 AMTags

Oh, Jax. What have you done now?!

After his shocking meltdown at SUR, Jax Taylor pulled a move no one saw coming in tonight's episode of Vanderpump Rules: He broke up with Brittany Cartwright. You know, the supportive girlfriend who stuck by him even after he admitted to cheating on her earlier in the season and everyone—including Lisa Vanderpump—encouraging her to break up with him. Yeah, that Brittany. 

However, this episode was filmed in early August 2017, and the couple has since reconciled and is currently still together. Still, it didn't make this break-up, that happened around the time they were promoting their Bravo spinoff, Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky, any easier to watch. 

At the end of the episode, Jax, 38, returned to the couple's home, sitting down to tell Brittany that he's been "unhappy for such a long time," before clarifying, "This has 150 million percent nothing to do with you. I need to make some changes." 


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One of those changes? He needs to be alone, explaining, "I'm not happy with myself. I don't like who I am and it's not because of you. Look at all the s--t I've caused this summer." 

He then tried to explain, "You deserve to be happy. You deserve to get married. You deserve to have kids. You deserve to have someone treat you like the princess that you are. I am just not that person. I am not good in relationships. You deserve a lot better than me. I just don't think we can be together anymore."

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Brittany, who joined the show and SUR staff in 2015 after moving from Kentucky to Los Angeles to be with Jax, is shocked by Jax's decision to end their relationship. But her shock quickly turns to anger.

"I'm really pissed off. How dare you do this to me? How dare you put me through all this s—t and let me go through all this heartbreak then for you to sit here and act like you're the one to give it all away," she said. "After everything I've been through? This is bulls—t! This is complete bulls—t."

 After initially telling Jax to leave their apartment, Brittany ended up packing a bag and leaving. 

"F—k you, I am f—king leaving ‘Cause I don't want to be with you," she said, before going onto accuse him of actually wanting to end their relationship earlier.

"This is exactly what you wanted to do. You said it a long time ago, that you wanted to break up with me, so good job."

New Summer, New Us ??

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It seemed like  Brittany was finally accepting what her friends had been trying to tell her since Jax admitted to cheating on her with Faith Stowers. "He's betrayed me in so many ways. He's cheated on me. He's begged for me back. He's played mind-games on me," she said in the episode. "I know he's not changing and he's always going to be the same Jax Taylor he always has been."

But in December, Brittany told us Jax had made "huge changes" and their relationship was in a good place. 

"He's so much better," she said. "I feel like we're so much better than we've been in a long time."

Brittany also posted a photo of the couple on Instagram, with the caption, "New Summer, New Us."

Here's hoping summer 2018 is a much less dramatic one for Jax and Brittany!

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