Megan Demands to Know the Real Reason Kyle Made Her Sign a Contract on The Arrangement: "What Are You Hiding?"

Why does a famous Hollywood celebrity need an arranged marriage? She's about to find out

By Vannessa Jackson Apr 19, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Megan Morrison Grills Kyle About Their Contract Marriage

It's time to tell the truth. 

Megan (Christine Evangelista) is done playing nice and she needs some answers now. Answers that Kyle (Josh Henderson) may not be ready to provide on this week's episode of The Arrangement. Did Kyle create this contract as an act of love or as a trap? 

"Why do we have a contract?" Megan asks her fiancé. "Tell me the truth." Kyle tries to play dumb, but Megan is not having it. "The night after we met, you stood under the stars and you basically told me you were falling in love with me," she says.

"That was the truth," he swears to her, but she's not a believer. "That was a show, Kyle," she retorts. Kyle warns her against rewriting history. "I get that you're angry but don't make it into this whole thing is fake," Kyle tells her.  

"I didn't say it was fake but you're not being honest," she pressures him. "When you have to treat the person you love and that loves you as a threat, that's not protecting your brand. That's I don't know, that's fear on a whole other level." She may be on to something...

"Come on. You're totally spinning this," Kyle tells her. "What are you hiding? Something that went down with Lisbeth?" Megan asks him. "It has to be something. Otherwise this contract is just some sort of paranoid over compensation because some woman broke your heart!" 

She definitely hit a nerve with that one. "Alright, you are barking up the wrong tree, Megan," Kyle warns her. "Please just let it go." Letting it go is definitely not Megan's specialty. 

See the tense argument in the clip above!