Maddie Ziegler Finds Out She Has a "Guardian Angel" Watching Over Her on Hollywood Medium

Dancer was reconnected with her late grandmother who she never actually met

By Vannessa Jackson Apr 18, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Maddie Ziegler Learns Her Grandma Is Her Guardian Angel

She's got someone watching over her! 

Tyler Henry sat down with dance star Maddie Ziegler in this exclusive clip and connected to her late grandmother, who she never had a chance to meet but still has a very strong connection to. 

"They're showing me birds," Tyler tells her. "I'm hearing wings fluttering and they just keep showing me birds." Maddie is already in tears by the time he finishes his thought. "My grandma would always say, 'When I pass, you can see me as a cardinal,'" she explains to Tyler. 

"This person actually tries to communicate with you but through kind of interesting ways," he shares. "They're showing me painting. This connection is coming through in a certain way. It's like, 'I'm with you during this activity. I'm here.'"

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An emotional Maddie is overwhelmed to hear that her grandmother has been with her this whole time. "I paint all the time," she reveals. "It's my favorite thing...I just painted a cardinal last week." 

"This person's a bigger part of your life than you even realize," he shares with her. 

"I feel so close to this person. It's so weird because we've never met," she shares. "I always wondered what we would have done if we were together." Tyler wants her to know that a bond like this can be present even if you didn't know them while they were on earth.

"The way this comes through is there is such an awareness of you and being around you. It's so amazing because the feeling is like, guardian angel, guardian angel, guardian angel," he tells her. "Mom needs to know this person is her guardian angel as well. It's a group effort." 

Watch the sweet moment in the clip above!