Will Scandal End With Everyone Paying for Their Many, Many Crimes?

ABC's Scandal just set up quite a series finale with its penultimate episode and the final promo has us panicking

By Lauren Piester Apr 13, 2018 3:50 AMTags

For some reason, we didn't see this coming! 

Scandal's second to last episode ever aired tonight and found Olivia doing something we never imagined she'd do: blow up B613 by telling the world about it.

First, when she found herself subpoenaed in the case against Mellie, she revealed it just to the special prosecutor in an effort to take down Jake and Cyrus. But of course Jake stepped in, clearing out the White House pool that had been his headquarters and having her subpoena scrubbed from the record. 

So then, Liv took the truth right to the last ally you'd ever expect: Sally Langston, who was more than happy to spill all the beans on live TV. The secret is out! 

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Now, we've got a series finale(!!!) promo that shows the entire team testifying in court, no doubt spilling so many damn beans that we're not sure who could possibly make it out of this unscathed. And then there's Olivia at the end, completely freaking out, just like we currently are doing at the prospect of this being over forever. 

We're not ready! We've got too much wine and popcorn left! We've got a lot of speeches to make!! 

Anyway, watch the promo above and please join us in panicking!! 

Scandal's series finale airs next Thursday at 10 p.m.