Survivor: Ghost Island Finally Merged in Its Most Exciting Episode Yet

Nothing more exciting than a midnight boat ride and a tribal council filled with idols and egos

By Lauren Piester Apr 12, 2018 1:27 AMTags

Now this is the Survivor: Ghost Island we've been waiting for. 

This season has been fine so far and there have been a couple of very fun blindsides, but tonight's merge really got things going in a way that made us inexplicably nervous...and then truly, truly delighted.  

The main beef was between male model Chris and construction Dom, who finally saw this as their moment to get rid of one or the other. Dom had both an idol and a legacy advantage, and Chris was unarmed...until he happened to pick up a new buff with a note in it. 

The note invited him to take a boat ride in the middle of the night to Ghost Island (the only appropriate time to go to Ghost Island, tbh), where he would get to play a game. The game gave him an idol to use just at the next tribal, unless he opened bamboo tubes that gave the idol more power.

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He extended the shelf life by one tribal before he opened a tube that took away his vote, and then he crept back to camp with no one having any idea that he had gone anywhere. 

Chris was just sure that he had everyone ready to get rid of Dom or Wendell, so when everyone got to tribal, Dom used his legacy advantage and Chris kept his mouth shut. So of course, there were zero votes for Dom and a whole bunch for Chris. Bye bye, self-described charming male model/"rapper." We will not miss you! 

We might miss everyone's eye rolls whenever Chris opened his mouth, but you couldn't pay us to miss the man himself. 

As right as that result was, we're also happy that Ghost Island is finally doing something. Chris' little midnight boat trip was exactly the kind of shenanigan we were hoping to see from this mysterious gimmick, even if we have a hard time believing that not a single one of those 12 other people on that beach noticed him leaving. 

More creepy invitations! More things happening at midnight! And would it kill you to add in a few spooky ghost noises? We just do not feel that the show has leaned hard enough into the spookiness we were promised, and we need more

Survivor: Ghost Island airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.