Blac Chyna's Dream House Includes a Fifty Shades of Grey-Like Sex Room

She also wants a money room with a vault, marble throughout the house and her name spelled out in topiary

By Elyse Dupre Apr 11, 2018 4:11 PMTags

Everyone has a dream house, and Blac Chyna's ideal home includes some very unique features, including a sex room á la Fifty Shades of Grey.

The 29-year-old model shared her wish list with Lehrer Architects' founding president Michael Lehrer in a video for Architectural Digest.

"This might sound kind of crazy," she said while visiting the Los Angeles design firm. "I would also like to have a sex room. So, maybe like in my closet, and it's, like, a button that I push and you can go in there—like a secret little room."

However this wasn't her only request. She also wanted to have a room with a money vault and "crazy" paintings.

"Have you ever seen this movie called Richie Rich?" she asked Lehrer. "That's where I got the idea from."

In addition, the mother to Dream Kardashian and King Cairo wanted a party light room and marble throughout the house. An all-white room, recording studio and storage warehouse were on her list, as well. 

She's also put a lot of thought into the exterior of the home and its landscaping. The celebrity said she'd like to have a 10-car garage with two different wings, an infinity pool and a helicopter pad. She also said she'd like an "all-glass" house and for her name to be spelled out in topiary. 

"I wanna, like, pull up and see 'Blac Chyna' in the front of my house, like, spelled out," she said.

Watch the video to see a few initial models of the house and visit Architectural Digest to learn more about her dream home.