Ayesha Curry Details Difficult Pregnancy, Including ''5 Hospital Stays''

TV personality and wife of NBA star Stephen Curry takes to Instagram as she reaches her 6-month mark

By McKenna Aiello Apr 05, 2018 7:46 PMTags
Ayesha Curry, 6 Months PregnantInstagram

Ayesha Curry is experiencing an admittedly bumpy road to baby No. 3. 

The TV personality and wife of NBA star Stephen Curry took to Instagram on Thursday, revealing that the first six months of her pregnancy have been extremely unpleasant. 

"6 down 3 to go!" Ayesha captioned a stylish baby bump photo. "Praising God because I can finally eat and cook a little bit again! Pray that it sticks for me y'all! Ive had 5 hospital stays since the new year and have pretty much been sucking at life (at least that's how it's felt.)"

Curry's glass-half-full mentality has kept her going, adding, "I think I'm starting to turn a corner though!!!! Woot woot." 

Celeb Baby Bumps

The longtime couple announced they were expecting in February, and even then Ayesha admitted to feeling "very sick." The athlete and foodie are also parents to daughters Riley, 5, and Ryan, 2.

And during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Curry remarked that this pregnancy is "very different" from her prior two. Of course, this led Ellen DeGeneres to tease, "So it's a boy!"

The parents-to-be have yet to reveal the sex of their baby. 

Wishing Ayesha a smooth finale to her pregnancy!