Bye, Bye, Parliament! King Robert Is in Charge Now and You'll Never Guess Who He Banished From the Palace on The Royals

After proving he is truly the people's king, Robert asserts total rule over the nation and his first course of business is to banish anyone who isn't on his side

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The lights are back on, but much of London has still been left in the dark.

This Sunday's all-new The Royals picks up with Prince Liam (William Moseley) paying a visit to the love that tore his relationship with his brother apart: Kathryn (Christina Wolfe). With her family impacted by the blackout, Liam was determined to lend a hand.

"What are you doing here?" a distraught Kathryn asked. "I wanted to check on your family. I thought you were out of the country," Liam responded.

"Dad hasn't answered his phone since the blackout. I've tried his friends, but he's missing. So I got the first plane back," a worried Kathryn said.

While Liam sent his security to crack the case, Robert returned to London's city streets to show he truly is the people's king.

"Listen, my family have food and water, but the people of this nation are my family too. Parliament knew a heatwave was coming and an energy collapse was imminent, yet they did nothing to prepare or provide. And the power is still out in South London. Maybe it's time I made some trouble of my own," Robert told reporters.

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But Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) wasn't here for her son going rogue. 

"Feed the people cake by all means, but remember, Marie Antoinette was the first to lose her head. I like your beautiful heads where they are, children," Helena warned Robert and Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park).

Despite the queen's warning, Robert's efforts to bring the country together had him trending on Twitter and Eleanor's kindness to the people hadn't gone unnoticed either, with her piles of fan mail growing by the day.

After earning the people's trust, Robert overthrew parliament and made the king's rule the official law of the land.

"Our noble constitution contains a provision, an emergency power granted to the monarch in times of great trouble. If parliament fails, and they certainly have, then the king is compelled to command that parliament stand down until such time as good efficient government can be restored. Therefore, as is my solemn duty per the constitution, I hereby announce that parliament is dissolved. From now on, the mantle of power rests entirely on me," King Robert said in his address to the nation.

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While the king's provocative address sent social media head and his potential wife-to-be Willow (Genevieve Gaunt) into a tailspin, it turned Eleanor into a modern day Robin Hood.

After coming face to face with Jasper's dad (Richard Brake) a.k.a Count Bellagio, the thieving con man romancing her gran, Eleanor realized that the silver candlesticks he was trying to steal from the palace may be just the ticket for helping those in need. And with that, her covert mission was underway.

"Take these to the local pawn shop. They're solid silver," read the note Eleanor left for one of her admirers whose cat had fallen ill.

Beaming with pride, Eleanor ran off unnoticed. But despite getting her inspiration from Jasper's dad's con man ways, she insured her bodyguard boyfriend that he is nothing like his thieving father.

"Do you know what the best part about meeting your dad is? Realizing that you're nothing like him. You left all that he stands for and all that he taught you behind," Eleanor told Jasper (Tom Austen).

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It's not just Eleanor and Willow who were impacted by Robert's major power play. The king's address also threw Cyrus (Jake Maskall) and Liam off their mission to expose Robert's dirty deeds.

"We're taking that lying charlatan down and I won't take no for an answer," Cyrus told Liam.

"No. My brother's been an asshole, okay, but he's not a killer. We were wrong. It's time to let it go and actually try and put this family back together. That's what my dad would want," Liam responded.

"Simon wanted to abolish the monarchy. Robert's done exactly the opposite. We must topple this arrogant prick and get you the throne. A throne that he got from killing your father," Cyrus snapped back. 

"Kathryn is why I was so driven to destroy my own brother. My feelings for her. I understand that now and I'm ashamed of myself. The best thing I can do to honor my father is to be loyal to my brother. It's time I stand behind him and support his reign," Liam declared.

Liam's total support for his brother came at the perfect time because it turns out King Robert was eavesdropping on their conversation.

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"Uncle, your words are treasonous! Not to mention, I warned you. I gave you every chance. Now you're banished," Robert told Cyrus.

Not only was Cyrus banished from the palace, he was banished from the country. With Cyrus out of the way, Robert moved on to repairing his relationship with his brother.

"If this whole thing is about Kathryn, if being with her will heal your heart and help end this sibling rivalry then put your anger toward me down. You have my blessing. Please, pursue her," Robert pleaded.

While Cyrus tried to find his new home, Liam ran with his brother's blessing and returned to Kathryn's side to pledge his commitment to their relationship. 

If all of that wasn't enough, the biggest twist came when security head, James Hill (Rocky Marshall), revealed that the shot that nearly killed Jasper wasn't meant for the king, it was actually meant for Jasper all along!

So, who shot Jasper? You're going to have to tune in next week to find out!

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