Megan Learns Terence Made Someone Disappear on The Arrangement: "The Look of Terror on Her Face I Will Never Forget"

She may be in over her head but it's too late to back down now

By Vannessa Jackson Apr 09, 2018 2:00 AMTags

She's getting desperate for answers...

Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) knows what she wants: to see Terence (Michael Vartan) go down. On last week's episode of The Arrangement she found an uncommon ally in Zach (Kyle Toy), but decided to reject his help. 

However, it looks like the tables may be turning and Megan is getting herself in deeper than she ever thought possible. Especially when it comes to who she can trust. She may have made her circle of secrecy much too large. 

Megan and Kyle (Josh Henderson) gather along with Terence and Deann (Lexa Doig) to celebrate Deann's 40 birthday and the couple learn a little bit more about their marriage. "It's clear you still love each other. I can totally see it," Megan tells Deann while freshening up in the bathroom. 

"Marriage is a series of negotiations. Your needs, his needs. Love is part of the process," she tells Megan. "Look, it doesn't make it any less real. I do love Terence. I just have realistic expectations of marriage is all." 

"That it serves a purpose?" Megan asks. "Yeah, for now," Deann shares. "Maybe one day it won't." While Megan doesn't necessarily feel that way about her impending marriage to Kyle, they still have some problems of their own. 

The biggest being the tabloid rumors that Megan is in love with her Technicolor Highway co-star Xavier Hughes (Ruffin Prentiss). Even though they all know the truth, they're having trouble re-framing the cheating narrative for the media. 


Actually, it's not just the media they need to worry about, but Xavier's girlfriend Nasim (Hina Abdullah) too. "It's so funny, Xavier's always talking about you so I feel like I know you but we've never actually hung out," Megan tells her while at the beach for a staged photo opp with the paparazzi. 

"That's actually not funny, but what is funny is how full of s--t you are right now," Nasim tells her. "Okay, first of all, you don't like me and you never have. Second of all, let's just admit what we both already know, rumors are almost always true." 

When Megan tries to bring the boys into the mix to smooth things over, it goes even more sideways. "It's in your eyes Xavier," Nasim tells him. "The way you look at her is the way you used to look at me. You're falling in love with her and I can't stand here and pretend like it's not happening." Well, there goes their great photo opp!

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As if that wasn't enough to keep Megan pre-occupied, she's also trying to get Zach to stop asking for her help in taking down IHM. "This has to stop. The looks, the innuendos. Kyle's not an idiot. He notices," Megan tells Zach. 

"I'm not going to stop until you talk to me," Zach pleads with her. "Megan, I know what they did to you. I know how they took you to the facility. They took my mother too. Six years ago. I helped them do it. Four months later they let her come home and she killed herself, and I got rewarded for my loyalty. They did something to her up there."

That may have been enough to get Megan to believe he was on her side. "I know others, and we need someone with a voice. Someone the public will listen to. If we're going to stop him, we need you," Zach shares with her. Although she's reluctant, she really doesn't have much of a choice if she wants a future with Kyle.  


No one could have prepared her for what she would find out next. After being introduced to Hudson and Gail who were also at her engagement dinner, she soon finds out that Terence is capable of far more nefarious deeds than even she knew. 

"I was a stylist in my other life. About 10 years ago a girl name Julie Woolth came to me. She was an actor, she had just joined IHM. They found her an agent, got her some print work, Terence told her they were going to make her an icon," Gail revealed to Megan. "She came over almost every day and wanted to talk about her image. I figured, typical narcissist. She just vanished. Phone was turned off. Facebook page gone."

"Is she dead?" a scared Megan asked. "I thought so. Then I saw her in Sherman Oaks a couple of years ago. She changed her hair, put on some weight, but I knew it was her so I called out to her," Gail explained. "The look of terror on her face I will never forget."

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If only that were the end of it. "She said she was back for a funeral and she begged me not to tell anyone I had seen her. She said she wasn't allowed to be in L.A., that she was risking her life," Gail shared. 

"Whatever Julie did, or whatever she knew, he needed her far away," Hudson revealed. "If we can find out why, that would do some real damage," Gail explained. Looks like Megan is going on a Woolth hunt! 

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