Helen Hunt's Mad About You Revival Update: "We Just Don't Want to Wreck It and Make It Sucky"

Could Paul and Jamie Buchman return to TV? That's the goal, according to Helen Hunt, but she wonders if people will care...

By Chris Harnick Apr 04, 2018 1:21 PMTags

Will & Grace made a splashy return. Roseanne's first episode in 20 years broke recent ratings records. CBS is already prepping for the return of Murphy Brown. Next up? Possibly Mad About You—if they get the story right, Helen Hunt said.

While appearing on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Hunt provided an update on the rumored Mad About You revival. In fact, the morning of her appearance on Late Late Show, she was working on the revival with Paul Reiser at her kitchen table.

"In the tradition of not wanting it to suck, we would like to do it, although we felt very proud of what we did, we just don't want to wreck it and make it sucky" Hunt said. "That's the goal, really."

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Hunt asked James Corden to come over and help them pitch ideas for what Paul and Jamie Buchman are up to now.

"Would anybody care at all? And the hope is, yes, they would," she said about bringing the beloved sitcom back.

"We hope it will happen, very much so," Hunt said when asked to clear up what she was saying.

Mad About You aired seven seasons on NBC from 1992-1999. Reiser, who recently appeared in Stranger Things, co-created the sitcom with Danny Jacobson.

The show followed newlyweds Paul and Jamie through their daily lives and also starred Anne Ramsay, Leila Kenzle, John Pankow and Richard Kind.

When E! News spoke with Reiser at the Stranger Things season two premiere, he was open about a desire to revive the series.

"I've thought about. I always said no to a reunion or a reboot and now that everybody keeps asking, it's possible…I always said if there's a reason for it, if there's a story to tell," Reiser told E! News.

From what Hunt said, it sounds like they're still hammering out that story to tell. The actress won four Emmys for her work on the series.

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