Girl Fight! Nasim Tells Megan She's "Full of S--t" and Accuses Her of Cheating on Kyle on The Arrangement

The couples meet up on the beach for a little double-date that they hope will throw the paparazzi of their scent...or so they thought!

By Mona Khalifeh Apr 05, 2018 12:30 PMTags
Watch: Kyle & Megan Play the Paparazzi With Xavier & Nasim

What better way to change your narrative than to create a new one?

Kyle West (Josh Henderson) and Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) meet up with Xavier Hughes (Ruffin Prentiss) and his girlfriend, Nasim, in this clip from this week's The Arrangement to do some damage control on the cheating rumors plaguing their careers and relationships.

"Thank you guys for doing this. The paparazzi should be here for another 30 minutes or so," Megan tells Xavier and Nasim.

"Let's make the most of it then. Two happy couples, all good," Xavier responds.

While the boys throw around a football, Megan and Nasim take a little stroll down the beach. But what starts out as a some girl talk, quickly turns confrontational.

"You know it's so funny, Xavier is always talking about you, so I feel like I know you, but we've never actually hung out just the two of us," Megan says to Nasim.

"That's actually not funny. But what is funny, is how full of s--t you are right now," Nasim responds.

A perplexed Megan is taken off guard by Nasim's claim, but the actress isn't finished.

"OK. First of all, you don't like me and you never have. And second of all, let's just admit what we both already know: rumors are almost always true," an angry Nasim explains.

"No, not these. There's nothing going on between me and Xavier," Megan promises.

Nasim doesn't seem too convinced and isn't into Megan trying to console her either.

"Take your hand off me before I swat it away," Nasim whispers to Megan.

Watch the intense moment in the clip above.