Is The Blacklist Pitting Liz Against Red? Megan Boone Teases "Complicated" Dynamic Ahead

Exclusive! Get a sneak peek of the April 4th episode and hear what's ahead on the NBC drama

By Chris Harnick Apr 04, 2018 1:30 PMTags

Is it family feud time on The Blacklist? In E! News' exclusive sneak peek of the Wednesday, April 4 episode of The Blacklist, Liz (Megan Boone) confronts her dear old dad, Red (James Spader) about a little matter…the death of her husband and those responsible for it.

"I will not let you avoid a direct question to try to confuse me or leave me in the dark," Liz says in the clip above. Things escalate from there rather quickly with Liz throwing Red up against a bookshelf. Don't make Liz, angry, Red!

"Anna-Garcia Duerete" features Red sending Liz and the Task Force on a mission to recover evidence crucial to bringing down Garvey (guest star Jonny Coyne).

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"Liz is really grappling with whether she's going to lean on her darker impulses of the DNA that she inherited from her father, Red Reddington, or if she's got some redemptive qualities in there, while she…looks for the people who killed Tom Keen," Boone told E! News recently.

Things are going to get difficult and "complicated" between Liz and Red because of the bones, Boone said. "Red has an agenda and when Red has an agenda, it's major. It's serious business," she said.


Click play on the video above to hear more from Boone about The Blacklist, including what she's learned from Spader and her decision not to handle assault rifles on screen anymore.

The Blacklist airs Wednesdays, 8 p.m. on NBC.

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