Taylor Swift Gives Surprise Performance and Does a Shot Onstage in Nashville

Singer made an unannounced guest appearance during country music songwriter's Craig Wiseman headlining show in front of about 40 people at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville

By Corinne Heller Apr 01, 2018 5:34 PMTags
Taylor Swift John Shearer/Getty Images for 13 Management

Surprise, it's Taylor Swift! Bottoms up!

The singer made an unannounced guest appearance onstage on Saturday during country music songwriter's Craig Wiseman's headlining show in front of about 40 people at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, where she started her career.

Wearing a black turtleneck and her blond hair pulled into a ponytail, Swift received a standing ovation as she was introduced, according to The Tennessean. She performed acoustic versions of her hits "Shake It Off" and "Love Story" and...did a shot of Fireball whiskey with Wiseman!

During the show, he talked about attending a CMT after-party at his office building that Swift attended.

"I got her a shot of Fireball, and then I got her another one," he recalled according to the newspaper. "For the rest of the party, I would go get a shot of Fireball...and snake my hand through the people...in her general direction. I don't even know if she took it, but it disappeared."

Swift laughed and said that she and friend Ed Sheeran stole Wiseman's large, inflatable bottle of Fireball that was standing in the corner.

Wiseman then produced a silver, insulated mug containing several tiny bottles of Fireball.

"For old times' sake," Wiseman said. 

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Swift then performed Little Big Town's song "Better Man," which she wrote. After her performance, she and Wiseman drank from their tiny bottles of Fireball. The Tennessean said that when they finished, he took her empty bottle and joked that he was going to sell it and donate the money to charity.

Swift's performance was filmed for a documentary in honor of Bluebird Cafe's 35th anniversary, the newspaper said.