Jasper Introduces Eleanor to His Sleazy Dad on The Royals: "Don't Slimeball My Girlfriend, Dad"

After revealing to Eleanor that Count Bellagio is really his dad, Jasper introduces Eleanor to him

By Mona Khalifeh Apr 02, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Princess Eleanor Meets Jasper's Father

Meeting the parents is a big step in most relationships, but for Jasper (Tom Austen), it's a painful one.

Though she was previously introduced to Jasper's dad (Richard Brake) as Count Bellagio, the Italian charmer who stole her gran's heart, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) finally meets the man behind the mask (or should we say fake Italian accent?) in this clip from Sunday's The Royals.

"Hi, I'm Eleanor. You must be Jasper's dad," Eleanor says before shaking his hand.

"My son is a rat," Jasper's dad replies. "I will keep your secret," Eleanor promises.

"You're actually doing the family a service by servicing my gran," Eleanor insists. "Your gran is a beauty and a champ. Clearly, it runs in the genes," Jasper's dad gushes.

Despite Eleanor's pleasantries, Jasper isn't exactly pleased to be introducing the pair.


"Don't do that. Don't slimeball my girlfriend, dad. Not this one," Jasper pleads.

Instead of snapping back, the con man takes a moment to wax poetic about love and relationships, but it's not long before his son cuts him off.

"Love is something you have absolutely no right to talk about," Jasper argues.

Still, Eleanor is determined to forge a bond with her boyfriend's father.

"Mr. Frost, would you like to join us for tea so you could tell me all about Jasper when he was a kid?" Eleanor asks. "I'd be delighted," he replies.

See the awkward meeting go down in the clip above.