Did Megan Morrison Just Join the Dark Side on The Arrangement?

Looks like Hollywood's newest star may be switching sides

By Vannessa Jackson Apr 02, 2018 2:00 AMTags

Whose side is she on?! 

Megan (Christine Evangelista) is in way over her head on The Arrangement and her plans may be slowly falling apart at the seams. This week, she's having to choose between destroying IHM or saving the relationships that mean the most to her. 

Not to mention the added pressure of being the lead in her first film. While it seems her personal life may be falling apart, her professional life has never been better. Technicolor Highway is full-steam ahead and it's no thanks to Kyle (Josh Henderson), who happens to be a bit distracted with promoting his last film The Kill Plan

The latest episode starts with the entire gang attending Kyle's premiere of The Kill Plan, and it turns out that the film is a total disaster. "This is new territory," Terence (Michael Vartan) tells him after the showing. "You've never had a new film lose money before." But Kyle isn't giving up hope just yet. 

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Meanwhile, Megan is off trying to comfort DeAnn (Lexa Doig) who is still dealing with the death of her lover. Even though she never got to say goodbye, she can still do Mason (Garcelle Beauvais) the honor of making sure her son Wes (Jacob Artist) is taken care of (even though Wes temporarily mistakes her kindness for flirtation and tries to kiss her). Luckily, DeAnn sorts it out and instead offers him a job as a production assistant on Technicolor Highway, which he accepts. 

He seems to be the only one doing his job on that movie set, because Kyle is busy trying to get as much press as possible for The Kill Plan, which DeAnn is afraid will tank their movie. "You're distracted and you have been ever since the testing numbers came in," she warns him. "When you're here, you're not here. I know you, Kyle. I can feel it…This movie can't direct itself." 


DeAnn isn't the only one concerned about him, Megan is also worried that he's closing himself off. "Kyle, you don't have to do this. I saw another batch of reviews come out. You must have seen them," she tells him after their wedding cake tasting party

"We're getting married and that means supporting each other through the good, the bad, the ups and downs. I mean it. The world could be falling down around us and we need to be there for each other," Megan tells him. 

Her sweet pep talk only aggravates him more. "You [and Terence] are both acting like I should be bracing myself for a crash. I'm just doing my job. Promoting my work," he tells her before storming away. That didn't go over well. 

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While Megan is concerned about the state of her relationship, she's more concerened about destroying Terence before he gets any more in her head. Megan lets Shaun (Carra Patterson) know that she plans on reaching out to Hope (Katharine Isabelle) to get some dirt on IHM. Shaun doesn't think that's a great idea. 

"We're working our asses off to do this quietly and you want to blab to the one person who leaked your nude photos all over the Internet?" she questions her. "I don't want to blab," Megan explains. "I just want her to put me in touch with some people. We don't have anything else. We flamed out left and right, and Terence is in my head more than ever." 


Although Shaun strongly advises against it, Megan ends up going anyway and getting burned. It turns out Hope's contact bails and instead of telling Megan, she decided to use the time to shoot the breeze like the good old days. Even though Megan leaves her hanging, it's not soon enough, because the paparazzi gets photos of the two and Terence ends up seeing them. 

To make matters worse, he shows Shaun who decides she's had about enough of helping Megan with her little revenge plot. "Do you not want to help me?" Megan asks her after being confronted about her meeting with Hope. "I thought you were on my side."

"I am. I just...I think I need to take a step back," Shaun tells her. "Wow. So you're choosing IHM? Terence?" Megan accuses her.  

"No, I'm choosing me," Shaun shares before storming off. As soon as Megan gets back in her trailer, she has another problem to deal with. Kyle's assistant Zach (Kyle Toy) is waiting to call her back to set. Or at least she thinks that's what he's doing...

"I'm sorry, we need to be careful. They're listening to us. Terence is always listening," Zach tells her. "I saw the photos of you and Hope. I saw them, Megan, I saw them and realized it was you. I'm the person you were supposed to meet yesterday. I'm Ty's boyfriend. You want stories on IHM, well I've got them. I've got stories that will make your blood run cold."

Zach is handing her the smoking gun to blow the lid off of IHM and just when you think she's going to take the lifeline, she goes the other way. "I have no idea what you're talking about," she tells him. So is Megan joining the dark side? 

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