Padma Lakshmi's Late Lover Puts His Stamp of Approval on Her Current Relationship on Hollywood Medium

Erika Jayne, Rick Fox and K. Michelle also receive messages of reassurance from loved ones here and beyond the grave

By Mona Khalifeh Mar 29, 2018 2:00 AMTags
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Sometimes reassurance from our loved ones is all we need, even if it's coming from beyond the grave.

On this week's Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi connected with her late lover, Teddy, who fell gravely ill before his passing.

"When he comes through, there's this feeling of freedom from this, not being limited to that physical state anymore and I think that that's really important for you to know. He is OK. He is at peace," Tyler Henry insisted. 

After finding out Teddy was at peace, Padma wanted to get his stamp of approval as she moves forward in her current relationship with the father of her child, who was at odds with Teddy when he was alive.

"I want to know if I have his blessing to be with who I'm with," Padma told Tyler.

After referencing the birthday of her child's father, Padma was told to get closer to him.

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"That person who's connected to 14, thumbs up. That's a good approval, one hundred percent. He does not want you to be alone. He doesn't want you to have to parent alone. And he's acknowledging this feeling that he will always be connected to you, but you should absolutely feel like you have permission to love who you want to love," Tyler assured.

Reality star and performer, Erika Jayne, also received some reassurance when she connected to her late grandparents.

Tyler confirmed to Erika that not only were her grandparents coming through, but they were together and were exerting a parental-like protection over her.

"So when I'm holding on to one object, I actually have two people who are stepping forward. They're making a very strong point of acknowledging, 'We're together, we're together, we're together,'" Tyler revealed.

For The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, her grandparents hold a very special place in her heart because they helped raise her. While Erika heard from both grandparents, she was really brought to tears after hearing from her grandmother, who she used to talk to every day.

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"She had me reference to a pride around her wishing she could've been here physically when you were going through a hard time. She does put this more in a romantic sense, but she's having me acknowledge like, wishing she could've been that touchstone for you to just kind of call up and be able to connect with. She too misses that," the medium said.

For Erika, that message was everything.

"I have so many memories of my grandmother. I think, you know just her sheer will and her determination and just how feisty and just...she really was the love of my life," Erika gushed.

For retired NBA star Rick Fox, the message he received was more cautionary than it was reassuring.

"It's always hard to say it. Someone might pass away in the next eight months," Tyler shared. 

And that someone turned out to be Rick's dad.

"My dad who is very ill...It's difficult for him to really communicate. He can't really speak in words the way he wants to anymore," Rick shared with Tyler.

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"I want him to know that I love him and I know he was the best dad that he could possibly be based on the parenting he got. I have some unresolved stuff from my dad. My dad maybe wasn't there for some of my stuff. He didn't teach me certain skills. I've got to acknowledge that with his health, that does bring up the thought and the concern," he explained.

Though time is limited, Tyler assured Rick that he can still make peace with his dad before his passing.

"As long as you're able to have that peace with your dad in life, even if he's not able to necessarily communicate in the way that he'd like to, as long as you know you've said everything and gotten that out," Tyler insisted.

R&B singer, K. Michelle, was able to connect to her aunt Phyllis, who was a big supporter of her music.

"My aunt Phyllis, she was like the light of the family. She brought us together on Sundays. She used to keep me and my mom from arguing and she used to tell my momma, 'Let her sing,'" K. Michelle revealed.

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For the singer, the pain of losing her aunt prevented her from attending her funeral and she always had some regret about that, but Tyler assured her that she did the right thing.

"The way this comes in, she was so passionate about your passions and wanting you to fulfill your life. You need to know that she feels like you made the right decision. She wanted people to celebrate her life and the best way that you could've celebrated her impact on your life, is being in the studio and workin' and doin' your thing," Tyler revealed.

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