Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout Discuss Their Miscarriages in Emotional Reunion

MTV reality stars meet up in Arizona for a powerful sit-down

By Mike Vulpo Mar 27, 2018 2:40 AMTags

Some MTV sisterhoods are only getting stronger.

On tonight's all-new episode of Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout considered heading out to Arizona to visit Catelynn Lowell in treatment.

"I think you should go. You've said many of times that Amber and Catelynn are like your sisters and you'd know that they'd drop what they were doing and come to you if you needed it," Taylor McKinney shared. "I'll be fine here."

With the support of her husband, Maci was off and able to visit her close friend and Tyler Baltierra.

During their emotional reunion, both moms opened up about their miscarriages and the emotions that followed after learning of the news.

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"I didn't tell Taylor for probably two months. I think I was just afraid. Like, I didn't want... Almost like, 'What he doesn't know won't hurt him.' But then it just got to a point where I realized I couldn't, like, deal with it by myself. I needed him there," Maci shared. "And I know he would want to be there for me if it hurt him or not, so I think it's another one of those things. It doesn't make the pain easier, but it just makes the experience easier to talk about it. It doesn't help anybody to pretend like it didn't happen or that that baby didn't exist in some form."

Tyler added, "We said it may not have been a fully developed baby in the womb, but it was in our hearts."

After Maci and Catelynn said their goodbyes, Tyler was able to get some additional one-on-one time with his longtime friend who expressed more of how she was feeling.

"For me, I believe in God, and I'm like, 'Does he not think that I was, like, worthy of being this child's mom?' But you just have to accept the thoughts and it's part of grieving," she explained. "The thing that helps me most, especially when I seem to get down in the funk of it all, is to just be thankful for the babies I do have."

While Maci has been trying to keep her miscarriage private, she admitted to her husband after the trip that she felt better sharing her story. As for Catelynn, she was grateful to know she wasn't alone.

"There's no right way to feel. There are all kinds of different emotions that go on and ways you can deal with it. Some days I'm sad. Some days I'm mad. Some days I'm confused, but it's nice to know that you're not crazy for feeling all kinds of different ways about it, you know?" Maci shared.

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