Will Smith Dances With Marc Anthony and Gives Surprise Performance of "Miami"

Latin pop singer gave the actor some Salsa lessons, while Smith also appeared at the 2018 Ultra Music Festival during a trip to Miami

By Corinne Heller Mar 25, 2018 5:30 PMTags

When in Miami...

The actor and rapper had a fun-filled weekend in the city, during which he Sansa danced with Marc Anthony and also performed one of his biggest hits during a surprise onstage appearance at the 2018 Ultra Music Festival.

Smith posted a video of Anthony teaching him the dance moves on a yacht. They concluded their session with a hug.

"#Bucketlist - Salsa Lessons from @MarcAnthony... ✔️," Smith wrote. "I just realized this is my 100th Post - Thank You All! Let's Go Get the next [100]."

Smith joined Instagram this past December and has been crushing it ever since with hilarious videos.

Will Smith's Best Roles

At the 2018 Ultra Music Festival. Crossover on Saturday, DJ Marshmello brought him out as a surprise guest and he performed his 1997 hit rap song "Miami."

"I LOVE MIAMI!!" Smith wrote on Instagram. "Thank you @MarshmelloMusic and thanx @Ultra for a Crazy night!"