Antoni Porowski From Queer Eye Looks Weirdly Similar to John Mayer

Actor pokes fun at his doppelgänger on Instagram

By Lindsay Farber Mar 24, 2018 12:33 AMTags
Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye, John MayerFX; Getty Images

John Mayer may just have a long-lost twin, and his name is Antoni Porowski.

The Queer Eye actor posted a photo to Instagram looking almost identical to the "Gravity" singer, poking fun at their similarities in appearance.

"I dunno, guys, I just don't see it," he captioned the black and white pic.

"First thing I said to my husband when I saw him on queer eye..looks just like John Mayer!!" one commenter wrote under the image.

"Looks just like @johnmayer on the cover of Battle Studies!" another replied.

The comparison first began on Twitter in February, when a fan sent a tweet to the actor regarding his resemblance to Mayer.

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"Hi @antoni did You realize that you are young @JohnMayer?" the follower wrote.

"Or is @JohnMayer a young me?!" Porowski replied.

And while some people instantly saw the similarities, others just couldn't agree with the pair looking anything alike.

"I don't see it," one person wrote in the comments.

"I see Christian Bale, but no John Mayer here," another said.

So what do you think—is Porowski secretly John Mayer's twin? Sound off in the comments below!