John Cena Finally Goes to Prom for the First Time Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres

WWE wrestler gets crowned king of the high school party and takes a spin on the dance floor with a special date

By Samantha Schnurr Mar 23, 2018 12:52 PMTags
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John Cena has learned how to be the champion of prom thanks to Ellen DeGeneres

The WWE professional wrestler stopped by the daytime host's set on Friday to talk his upcoming comedy, Blockers, about parents seeing their kids off to prom, and the film gave the comedian a brilliant idea. As it turns out, the 40-year-old has never been to an actual prom. 

"I went to boarding school and it was a coed boarding school, so I kinda saw these people all year anyway and I was dead broke and I had the chance to stay on campus and earn some money, so I didn't go to prom," he explained. 

Nikki Bella and John Cena's Love Story

Fortunately, DeGeneres was prepared. She had an "Ellen Show Prom" set up behind a curtain, complete with a dance floor, balloons, disco ball, music, punch and even a date for the star—his fiancée Nikki Bella

"I hate surprises, but this one I like," Cena quipped. 

After crowning them king and queen—because they were the only attendees—they posed for the obligatory cheesy photos and then slow danced...six inches apart. 

However, it turned PG-13 when Cena gave his date a few smooches and proceeded to pour the contents of a flask into the punch bowl. 

Just like that, he's a prom expert. 

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