The Arrangement's Josh Henderson and Christine Evangelista Reveal if They've Ever Dated IRL

The E! co-stars talk love lives and the dramatic season two of their hit series

By Brett Malec Mar 15, 2018 7:49 PMTags

Kyle West and Megan Morrison are Hollywood's hottest couple on The Arrangement.

But have the stars of the hit E! series Josh Henderson and Christine Evangelista ever gone on a romantic date in real life?

"No, no. We're good friends," Christine dished during the duo's appearance on Daily Pop today.

"No, we keep it pretty professional," Josh added. "We're super close. It's important to be very close if you're spending this much time on a show and you're supposed to love each other. It would be really tough if we didn't like each other. We're lucky that we get along really well and work really well together."

Kyle West & Megan Morrison's Love Story
Marco Grob/E! Entertainment

While they haven't dated each other, they do sometimes play wing man and wing woman when it comes to setting each other up.

"You try to help me. I'm kinda helpless," Christine laughed.

"I'm just kinda there in support, you know. And if I have guys that I think are good and worthy enough for her then I'll let her know," he said.


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