Elizabeth Hurley's Secret to Her Amazing Body Is...Birthing Farm Animals!

The Royals star credits her fine figure to lots of farm work and manual labor

By Brett Malec Mar 10, 2018 2:00 PMTags
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How did Elizabeth Hurley get the nickname "farmer Barbie"?

E! News caught up with The Royals star earlier this week to get the scoop on how she maintains her amazing figure and it turns out all you need to get a hot body like Liz's is lots of manual labor!

"Elizabeth is always active, she never stops moving. She's a farmer," co-star Alexandra Park revealed. "Anytime I ask what have you been up to she's just out on a kayak or on a tractor or she's whacking down hedges. She's really just outdoors non-stop."

"It's true," Hurley laughed. "I don't do much organized sport like these two do, and they both have phenomenal bodies and they work at it. I've just been more busy. I've just got physical things I need to get done, which works for me. But some people don't have trees to chop down obviously so they use a treadmill."

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"Elizabeth really is amazing. Gardens, everything. Machetes," William Moseley added. "You birthed a lamb."

"I did, I birthed a lamb. Helped birth calves, pigs. No, I like all that," Hurley smiled.

Park joked, "Glamour by weekday and then…"

"Afterbirth by weekend!" Hurley cracked.

"She would come to work after the weekend and we'd be looking at all these videos of her just up trees and on tractors, she's got her jeans," Park told us. "She looks like farmer Barbie. It's the best."