David Oyelowo Reveals Surprising Secret About ''Foul-Mouthed'' Charlize Theron

Gringo co-stars dish with E! News at the premiere of their new movie

By McKenna Aiello Mar 08, 2018 3:15 AMTags
Watch: David Oyelowo Reveals Surprising Fact About Charlize Theron

Not only did Charlize Theron consider herself a "wake-and-baker" back in the day, she apparently can't stop cussing!

E! News caught up with Theron and her Gringo co-star David Oyelowo at the premiere of their stoner-friendly flick, where he revealed the most surprising aspect of the A-list actress. 

"She's pretty foul-mouthed," David told E! News' Zuri Hall. "That's something from day one I was like, ‘Wow!' Especially because she's so debonair and elegant, and then she has the mouth of the sailor. But I love her for the fact that she's always 100 percent herself. She's one of the bravest people I know."

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So what did Charlize have to say about David's confession? She admitted to being a "big lover" of the f-word, elaborating, "There are variations of it, mother f--ker, f--k you. There are many variations you can go with. I tend to say it under my breath." 

But there's time and place for Charlize's R-rated vocabulary, of course. 

"I know what my responsibilities are as a parent," she shared, referencing daughter August and son Jackson. "It's not like the truck driver comes home. I've definitely stubbed my toe and said s--t or something like that and my kids are like, 'Mom!'"

She recalled telling them, "Listen, we don't have a swear jar. This is how adults speak sometimes. One day when you're an adult, you'll get to speak like this. But not now." 

Gringo opens nationwide March 9.