Guillermo del Toro Reveals His Favorite Moments at the 2018 Oscars—Besides His Big Wins

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By Elyse Dupre Mar 05, 2018 2:51 PMTags
Watch: Guillermo del Toro Talks Favorite 2018 Oscar Moments

The 2018 Oscars was a big night for Guillermo del Toro

The 53-year-old director took home his first Oscar for Best Directing, and his film The Shape of Water won Best Picture.

"It feels great," the filmmaker told E! News about his big wins. "It's a journey that started so long ago. This is a beautiful combination."

Still, these weren't his only highlights of the evening. Del Toro described Frances McDormand's acceptance speech for her Best Actress in a Leading Role win as "phenomenal." In addition, he said, "sharing sandwiches and candy with an audience was also great." Of course, he was referencing the surprise theater visit he made with Jimmy Kimmel and several other Hollywood A-listers to thank a group of unsuspecting movie-goers for going to the theater. In addition to their unexpected appearance, the stars surprised the movie-goers with several movie snacks—including hot dogs and a giant sub. 

Watch the video to hear more about his favorite moments.

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