Tyra Banks Is Ready for Tiffany Haddish to Host the Oscars

Comedienne and Girls Trip star co-presented awards with Maya Rudolph

By Corinne Heller Mar 05, 2018 3:54 AMTags
Tiffany Haddish, Maya Rudolph, Tyra BanksKevin Winter/Getty Images, VH1

Tiffany Haddish for Oscars host? Absolutely, if you ask Tyra Banks and many other people online.

The veteran supermodel and host of America's Next Top Model was more than impressed by the comedienne and Girls Trip actress' presenting skills at the 2018 Oscars on Sunday.

"Queen @TiffanyHaddish should host the #Oscars one day!" Banks tweeted. "Retweet if you agree! Let's get her some money!"

Many echoed her sentiments on Twitter, while others also said Haddish and co-presenter Maya Rudolph should co-host a future Oscars ceremony.

Katy Perry took it a step further.

"#RudolphHaddish2020," she wrote.


2018 Oscars Red Carpet Fashion

During their time onstage, they presented Oscars for Documentary Short and Live-Action Short and joked that the 2018 Oscars, which was criticized in 2016 for its lack of diversity among its nominees, was "too black now."

"But we just want to say, don't worry," Rudolph said. "There are so many more white people to come."

"So many. We just came from backstage, and there are tons of them back there," Haddish said. "And not just movie stars, there are white people walking around with headsets, white people with clipboards. I'm personally not a fan of white people with clipboards, because I'm always wondering, what are they writing down about me?"

Watch: Tiffany Haddish Wears Authentic Princess Dress to 2018 Oscars

While presenting, Haddish also drew attention over her outfit; She wore the same white Alexander McQueen dress she wore at the premiere of Girls Trip and on her Saturday Night Live hosting debut, during which she joked, "I feel like I should be able to wear what I want, when I want, however many times I want, as long as I Febreze it."

Haddish earlier wore a different dress on the Oscars 2018 red carpet, a traditional African gown that paid tribute to her Eritrean heritage.

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