Meghan Trainor Dishes About Daryl Sabara Engagement and Falling in Love

25-year-old Spy Kids star proposed to the singer on her 24th birthday late last year

By Corinne Heller Mar 01, 2018 8:44 PMTags

For Meghan Trainor and fiancé Daryl Sabara, it was love at sixth date. Probably earlier.

The 25-year-old Spy Kids star proposed to the "No Excuses" singer on her 24th birthday late last year. Trainor dished about their love story and engagement on E!'s Daily Pop on Thursday.

She said she first laid eyes on him in person at a party, but that they only started dating a year and a half before they got engaged. Her pal Chloe Grace Moretz introduced the two, bringing them both on a bowling double date with her and Brooklyn Beckham. Trainor said the actress coaxed Sabara, "Kiss her! Kiss her!" She said he complied, although she expressed disappointment that he had only done so at Moretz's request. But they started dating on their own and soon, she knew they were in love for real.

"I am kind of aggressive. Like, date six, I forced him, like, we were both, like, so in love with each other and I was like, 'Just say it. Say it. I know you love me,'" she said.

"It's different than any other relationship I ever had," she added. "That cheesy thing that everyone says, ‘When you know, you know,' I knew something, we both knew, like, 'Well, this is crazy.' That's what we would say, looking at each other. Like, 'This isn't normal.'"

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After a month of dating, he visited her on her tour and she serenaded him privately with her new song "Marry Me."

"He visited one day and then he never left, 'cause I didn't let him leave," Trainor said.


In December, Sabara proposed to the singer under a tunnel of Christmas lights, surprising both her and her family and friends.

"I freaked out. It was also my 24th birthday. He knows I'm obsessed with Christmas lights and that was literally a tunnel of Christmas lights and my entire family is hiding in the bushes over there and he did it perfectly, everything I ever wanted in life," Trainor said. "I just kept screaming and crying, 'I'm a princess!' the entire night."

Trainor is in the midst of wedding planning. She says she doesn't know what she and Sabara will pick for their first dance. She said they have a special song, "Hopeless Romantic," which is featured on her 2016 album Thank You and whose lyrics, which she wrote years ago, apply to their relationship: "Bet we met at a party before / You were sweet and held open the door."

Trainor had briefly talked about her and Sabara's wedding plans in an interview with E! News in January.

"I'm like, were just going to enjoy this for a long time and work and just plan it out so it's perfect," she said. "I'm in a white dress, that's what I see...and it's gorgeous!" 

She also revealed that she has been shedding for the wedding, and beyond. A total of 20 pounds, to be exact.

"One day we'll have kids," she said. "I want to be the healthiest I can be for those kids."

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