How to Dress for Your Best Life in March, According to Your Horoscope

Get prepared!

By Alanah Joseph Mar 01, 2018 12:04 PMTags
ESC: March Horoscopes

What does March have in store for you?

According to spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield, "There's a dare-to-be-great moment waiting."

That means that the things that you've been wishing for and dreaming of are possible this month, but not without a little struggle, sacrifice and communication with those that matter in your life.

"The dream is real and it also challenges you to speak up for what you feel, want and need," she told E! News. "Both Mercury and Jupiter go into retrograde, so there's an emphasis on mature communication. Take responsibility for you and let others learn by your example."

March 2018 Shoppable Horoscopes

The type of dreams and challenges that will be realized, however, is dependent on your sign, so check out what this month has in store for you above!

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