The Challenge Season 32's First Teaser Is Here: Find Out the Intense New Theme

Exclusive: Find out the theme of The Challenge season 32

By Tierney Bricker Feb 28, 2018 4:00 AMTags

A reckoning is upon us, Challenge fans!

While The Challenge: Vendettas is still going strong, the MTV hit franchise is already gearing up for its 32nd season, revealing what the next outing's theme will be at the end of Tuesday night's episode during the premiere of the network's newest series, Winter Break.

Set to debut later this season, The Challenge's next theme will be Final Reckoning. Anyone else already excited/terrified for the new season?!

Final Reckoning's cast and premiere date will be announced at a later date. 


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The teaser above does reveal  that fans can expect the new season to premiere this summer, and we hear soundbites from Nicole Zanatta and Kailah Casillas, who are currently competing on Vendettas. Plus, we also get an old sound-bite from fan-favorite veteran Darrell Taylor, saying, "Whatever I gotta do I'm going to do it." 

So does that mean we'll see these three return to compete this summer? Here's hoping (and Kailah tweeted about the new theme)! And it sounds like Veronica Portillo is also interested in returning, tweeting, "We want to know the location! Who cares about the vague theme name!!!"

And to quote host TJ Lavin, we love this game!

Who do you want to see compete in Final Reckoning? What do you think that theme even means?!

The Challenge airs Tuesdays on MTV.