Here's Every Workout Alicia Vikander Did to Prepare for Tomb Raider

Actress reveals all of the training she did for the upcoming action-packed movie

By Jess Cohen Feb 28, 2018 1:00 AMTags
Watch: Alicia Vikander on Getting in Shape for "Tomb Raider" Role

Alicia Vikander is revealing how she transformed into Lara Croft.

The actress, who spent months preparing for her role in the upcoming action-packed Tomb Raider movie, is sharing all of the training she did for the film with E! News' Sibley Scoles.

"I did a lot of months of training, not only cycling but...MMA training, I did some boxing, climbing, swimming...I lifted more weights than I've ever done in my life," Vikander shares in the video above. "I loved that it was integrated that she was a very physical being, in the beginning of the story she trains MMA, she works partly as a bicycle courier in London."

Ilzek Kitshoff/Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

"I loved that it was in the story described that she had these physical aspects of her life, which makes it more plausible for you to buy that she can go through these things," she continues. "She's put through all these obstacles and she has to bring out the skills that she has within her and refine them and define them and also bring out the warrior within her."

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Vikander then shares that she put on about 10 to 12 pounds of muscle for the part.

"Because I'm a petite girl and I wanted her to be strong, the character, and also she's faced in a lot of battles with bigger, stronger men and we also did that when it came to the stunt choreography for you to be able to kind of buy that it actually happened," she explains.

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Vikander shares that it took about four months to build up the muscle for the part, but laughs that it took only three weeks until it started "disappearing."

Take a look at all the videos above to see Vikander talk about training for the movie and share more Tomb Raider details!

You can also watch a trailer for the movie HERE.

Tomb Raider hits theaters on March 16.