Tyler Henry Confirms Kristin Cavallari's Brother ''Didn't Intend to End His Life'' on Hollywood Medium Season Premiere

The E! star helps bring closure to Kristin Cavallari, Jim Parsons and Savannah Chrisley as he channels messages from their loved ones

By Mona Khalifeh Mar 01, 2018 3:00 AMTags
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Sometimes a little closure is all we need.

In tonight's season three premiere of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Tyler Henry was finally able to solve some of the mystery surrounding the unexpected death of Kristin Cavallari's brother, Mike.

"Did it get to a point where he got lost out there and couldn't find his way back to his car and his phone?" Kristin asked Tyler.

"He's having me acknowledge looking for a river, looking for a river," Tyler revealed. "There's this feeling of just not getting the chance to obviously do this to an area of population."

Despite all the confusion, Tyler was able to confirm that Mike never intended to end his life.

"I have no doubt in my mind based on all the details and validations that have came through today that he didn't intend to end his life," Tyler assured.

For Kristin and her parents who were watching in the next room, Tyler's validation allowed them to move on.

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"That was really hard to hear because the thought of him being out in the middle of nowhere just kills me, just kills me. And I think deep down I knew that, but I'm happy that I know. That's how I can then accept it and move on from it and come to terms with it. I would rather know than not know," Kristin stressed.

Jim Parsons' form of closure came in knowing that there was nothing that could've been done to prevent his father's death.

"When he comes through, he is having me reference to his passing and he is having me talk about wanting anyone to let go of this idea that there could have been a medical response any faster," Tyler insisted.

The Big Bang Theory star also got a special visit from his grandmother who came through to confirm that the legacy she left behind was not in the way she passed on.

"She was apologizing and saying, ‘I'm sorry for being such a pain in the ass towards the end.' But that was the opposite of her. I had a lot of good memories with her and I don't know, we had a good thing going, she and I did," Jim explained.

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Savannah Chrisley got a message from her fishing buddy and best friend: her grandfather.

"Just checking to see who he went fishing with? There's like a funny thing with this of like catching fish after fish after fish to the point where it's kind of comical. There's like a joke about this that's coming through, do you know about that?" Tyler asked.

"Yes, so, we would always go fishing, always. And he brought my brothers along to go fishing with us. And he told them like, ‘You probably won't catch much.' And I just kept catching fish after fish after fish and they weren't catching anything, so that was always the joke. He would always tell people, ‘She will out-fish you,'" Savannah revealed.

He also used their special bond to come through with some information about her love life and moving forward. "You kind of either have to fish or cut bait," Tyler told a visibly stunned Savannah.

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