The Bachelor's Krystal Nielson Reacts to Being Called a Sociopath (and the Other Women Say How They Really Feel About Her)

Exclusive: Krystal Nielson responds to being called a "sociopath" during The Bachelor's Women Tell All special on Sunday night

By Tierney Bricker Feb 26, 2018 2:05 PMTags
Watch: Krystal N. Reacts to Being Called a Sociopath by Caroline

"She's the perfect TV villain."

Have truer words ever been spoken when it comes to The Bachelor's Krystal Nielson? From her very first raspy "Hiiii!" to her endless speeches,  the personal trainer from San Diego became the topic of conversation during Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season and Sunday night's Women Tell All special largely focused on her actions on the show (and the ones that we're originally shown, but we'll get to that in a minute). While Krystal didn't seem to mind becoming Bachelor Mansion Enemy No. 1 in her quest to find love, she admitted to E! News that the response she's received from the public on social media has been difficult for her to deal with. 

"I've never been put in this position to be so publicly criticized for my actions and my character and it got to me," Krystal, 29, told us after the Women Tell All taping. "I took a month off of work after filming. I couldn't be who I needed to be for people to empower them because I was so disempowered myself. It was really tough." 

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But none of the other season 22 ladies seemed to have that much sympathy for Krystal, especially after the never-before-aired footage of her using the c-word to describe all of them was shown. In fact, Caroline Lunny even used the word "sociopath" to describe Krystal during the special. 

But Krystal isn't that upset over Caroline's word choice, telling us, "People were upset and I feel and understand. I say s--ty things when I was heated and upset. Like, I get it...I'm a rainbow of emotions, I'll own it!" 


As for Caroline, who also called out Arie for his upcoming finale choice during the special's other most shocking moment, she explained why she felt so strongly about Krystal's behavior during the show.

"People who help us behind the scenes, she wasn't so nice to them either," Caroline told us. "I feel like I had had all this built up. These people are my friends and you do not speak like that. She's a little nutty!"

And Caroline wasn't the only woman who felt this way about Krystal, with Tia Booth admitting, "Krystal drove me f--king crazy because she's one person on-camera and one person off-camera.

However, now that they are done filming, Tia has softened her stance on Krystal, saying, "That's just Krystal and I've accepted it. Maybe she learned a little bit from watching the show!"

To hear more from Krystal about her behavior on the show, as well as how the other ladies, including Bekah Martinez, felt about her behavior, watch our interviews with them above. 

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