Tyler Henry Gives Gigi Gorgeous Closure on Her Mother's Passing: "My Soul Is Shooketh!"

The Hollywood Medium delivers a message that allows Gigi to rid herself of her biggest regret!

By Mona Khalifeh Feb 24, 2018 3:00 PMTags

Tyler Henry is helping Gigi Gorgeous live with no regrets.

In this special 360 VR Experience reading, Tyler immediately begins receiving messages from the social influencer's late mother who he says has tried to come through before.

"She's tried to come through previously by something that wouldn't get out of the house...and it's her way of saying, ‘look this is weird, this is bazar how this happened. That was me trying to give you a sign that I was with you,'" the Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry star explains.

That something turned out to be a lady bug that made its way into Gigi's home.

"We always use to have them in our house. They were in the window between the screen. She would always freak out. I started seeing them like a year after she passed," Gigi reveals.

Gigi was also given confirmation that even though she and her mother didn't say goodbye in her moment of transition, their goodbye was enough.

Getty Images; NBC

"She was able to go peacefully because she feels like she said what she needed to say earlier," Tyler confirms.

And that was all the validation Gigi needed.

"I remember leaving a room and she was in a wheelchair. She didn't even look like herself. And I remember as I was walking out, she looked at me in the eyes and I think that was our moment," Gigi says.

One of Gigi's biggest regrets was not being able tell her mom she is transgender, but Tyler assures her that her mom knew and understood.

"Despite not getting to tell your mom maybe eye to eye that you were transgender, she had your back," Tyler insists.

Not only did the reading set Gigi free, but it rocked her to her core.

"My soul is shooketh!" Gigi exclaims.

Watch the video up top to see the revealing reading from start to finish.