Tyler Henry Brings Daily Pop's Justin Sylvester to Tears While Connecting to His Late Friend: Watch the Emotional Video

The Daily Pop cohost seeks closure after a friend's sudden passing

By Mona Khalifeh Feb 27, 2018 2:00 PMTags

Tyler Henry is giving Daily Pop's Justin Sylvester some closure.

In this exclusive interview with E! News, the Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry star asks Justin if he has any questions about his personal life to which Justin answers by telling him about a friend's sudden passing.

"I have a friend that died suddenly and I feel like we never had closure," Justin reveals.

"It just seems all very focused on, 'I'm not okay with my love life while I'm alive physically. I transition, I'm okay with my love life now,'" Tyler explains.

An emotional Justin agrees with Tyler's statement, simply nodding and saying, "Yeah," as he wipes away his tears.

To see Justin's full reading with Tyler, watch E! News tonight at 7 and 11!