Todd Chrisley Says He "Would Have the Best Looking F--king Grandkids" After Hearing Tyler Henry's Prediction for His Daughter

Savannah Chrisley might have a new relationship to keep an eye out for

By Vannessa Jackson Feb 23, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Savannah Chrisley Gets Shocking Romance Reading

Love comes when you least expect it! 

On the season three premiere of Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry sits down with Savannah Chrisley to have a reading. Savannah is joined by her dad Todd Chrisley, who had a reading with Tyler last season, and is in the other room giving his take on Tyler's predictions for his daughter. 

Right off the bat, Tyler gets some information about Savannah's love life. "He's having me joke about your love life. He's wanting to say, ‘It's going to be fine, it's going to be fine,' but he's like, ‘No one's good enough for her,'" Tyler reveals to the reality star. 

"Basically the gist of this is that they're having me acknowledge that in order to move forward in a way that's fulfilling romantically, you kind of either have to fish or cut bait," he tells a visibly stunned Savannah. She knows exactly who he's talking about, and agrees it is time for her to cut bait. 

However, Tyler has some more shocking news to deliver. "Regardless of who we do or don't have in our life at the present moment, he is giving me a name," Tyler reveals. "It doesn't mean it's one soulmate, it just means it's a potential person. There is a reference to a James that's coming in." 

Savannah and her father instantly know who Tyler is talking about. While Savannah is too stunned to speak, her dad is rather excited by the revelation. "Holy s--t," he says before revealing his true feelings about the mystery man. "I would have the best looking f--king grandkids in the world." Way to aim high, Todd! 

Watch the video above to see the shocking reading!