Ellen DeGeneres' 60th Birthday Party Was Lit: 5 Craziest Stories

Talk show host turned 60 in January and her wife Portia de Rossi threw her a party attended by a slew of celebs, including Kim Kardashian and David Spade

By Corinne Heller Feb 22, 2018 7:59 PMTags

Ain't no party like an Ellen DeGeneres birthday party.

The talk show host turned 60 in January and earlier this month, her wife Portia de Rossi threw the star a bash attended by a slew of celebs, such as Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye WestKris JennerChrissy Teigen and husband John LegendJennifer LawrenceAdeleOprah WinfreyReese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio, fellow talk show host James Corden, singer Meghan TrainorFrench MontanaOlivia Munn and David Spade.

"Ellen's birthday party was the- I can't remember in my life having that much fun," Oprah said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday.

"It was a good party," Ellen said.

Here are five crazy things that happened at the party:

1. Oprah Didn't Recognize Some Popular Celebs: "When I was doing my show, famous people came on and they looked like themselves. At your party, they're all disguised. They are looking like they normally do," Oprah told Ellen. "So I'm standing there and I'm talking to The Weeknd, who I didn't know who he was before because he cut his hair."

Then another man she did not identify approached them and The Weeknd told him he really loved one of his films.

"And he says, 'No, that wasn't a good film for me. That wasn't my favorite film,'" Oprah said. "And I go, 'So what was your favorite film?' He says, 'The Aviator,' and I go, 'Leonardo, you're so funny."


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2. Performances from Pharrell Williams, French Montana, Pink, Alessia Cara and Melissa Etheridge:

Reese gathered the performers to sing.

"So here's a money saving tip for all of you, don't hire a band, invite all your musician friends," DeGeneres said on her show this week. "And it turns out they'll just perform for free."

3. David Spade Got Super High: The actor said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week that a guest shared his "big rolled-up doobie" of medical marijuana with him at the bash.

4. ...Which Almost Gave Him the Courage to Talk to Oprah: "I see Oprah and I go, I should talk to Oprah. Now I don't care," Spade said. "Then the little embers in my brain that were still alive go, 'Nope, abort, abort.' I went szhoop, last second, like Waze, 'Get off here.'"

5. ...and Confused the Guest of Honor for Justin Bieber: "I did see you," Spade told Ellen. "In fairness, I thought you were Justin Bieber for the first half hour but only because of your haircut."

"I think I got home...do not remember going home," Spade said.